Trap Questions During a Job Interview

A job interview is a type of stage in job selection that involves a conversation between the applicant / job seeker and the representative of the employing organization to see whether the prospective employee is the right candidate or not. Before a job interview you should know the Trap Questions During the Job Interview. It is common knowledge that every HRD always has traps for new job applicants. Many applicants with the status of fresh graduates sometimes do not pay attention to this, they are too confident with the values ​​and ultimately fail in the job interview session.

Trap Questions During a Job Interview

Maybe, you have a good education history. However, HRD sometimes not only assesses from the cognitive side, there are many things that they see and feel fit with their company culture.

Request to describe yourself friend

Maybe you have had a briefing about self motivation on campus. However, because it is not considered important, it is even forgotten and not developed anymore. Though it's clear, self motivation will really help you when you take a job interview test. Getting to know yourself can be one way for HRD to find out someone's motivation in their work.

Questions about the proposed position and about the company

The trap that interviewers often try to do is knowledge of the company. Sometimes, there are indeed many fresh graduates who just register and do not learn in advance about the company he applied for previously. It is very important to know how much your enthusiasm and intention to enter the company. Not to mention, you also have to be sure and fully understand the position you are applying for.

Question What are your motivations for applying?

This is a trap that very often makes job applicants fail the job interview test. Why? Because you have to be very aware of what your motivations are. Many people answer salary as the main motivation when asked in a job interview test. This might not matter if you already have a lot of experience. However, when you are a fresh graduate, then don't ever make a salary as motivation.

Questions about future Plans

For fresh graduates, getting the question "what will you achieve in the next 5 or 10 years?" Is a very complicated thing. Yeah, well, think about the next 5 years. Thinking about the job interview test just got dizzy. However, if you want to succeed, you must be able to overcome this confusion. For that, start trying to plan what you will do from now on.

The last question, about salary

How much salary do you want? 5 million, 10 million, or 12 million? Questions about salary can sometimes be very crucial When asked about salary in a job interview test you must have a rational view of why you are submitting this number. The greater the salary you ask for, then of course you have to give a large value to the company as well. That's the Trap Question When Job Interview. Prepare the right answers so that your job interview will run smoothly