UNV Community Organizer


Job Title : UNV Community Organizer
Location : Dhaka
Company : UNV LTD
Salary :
Open Date : 2021-10-14
Close Date : 2022-02-14
<strong>Details</strong> <strong>Mission and objectives<br><br></strong>Update<br><br><strong>Context<br><br></strong>The Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities (LIUPC) Project (also previously known as National Urban Poverty Reduction Programme-NUPRP) builds on the experiences of the DFID, UNDP and GoB funded Urban Poverty Reduction Project-UPPR (2007-2015), one of the largest urban poverty reduction intervention in the world which established a community based approach to reduce urban poverty working with more than 2,500 Community Organizations in 23 Pourashavas (Municipalities) and City Corporations. LIUPC will be implemented over a period of five years (2017-2022) and will cover up to 25-36 Pourashavas and City Corporations. LIUPC is to provide support towards contributing to balanced, sustainable growth and reduction of urban poverty in Bangladesh. LIUPC will work nationwide and cover poor people living in slums and informal settlements in Pourashavas and City Corporations in Bangladesh. LIUPC will initially focus on 11 Pourashavas and City Corporations in Phase-1 and Phase-2 will be initiated for the remaining Pourashavas and City Corporations upon successful completion of Phase-1. This programme will contribute “To ensure a sustainable improvement in the livelihoods and living conditions of 4 million poor people living in urban slums/informal settlements”. The programme has five Outputs: Output 1: Strengthened pro-poor urban management, policy and planning Output 2: Enhanced Organisation, capability and effective voice of poor urban communities Output 3: Improved economic and social well-being for the urban poor Output 4: More secure tenure and housing finance for the urban poor Output 5: Improved resilient infrastructure in, and serving, low-income settlements The ultimate intended beneficiaries of this intervention are the poor and vulnerable urban people, now and in future years. Based on evidence outlined in the previous UPPR reviews and similar types of urban interventions in Bangladesh, the LIUPC reasonably expects a wide range of benefits to resu<br><br><strong><u>Task Description<br><br></u></strong>Under the overall supervision, control and guidance of the Town Manager and with direct day-to-day supervision by the Infrastructure &amp; Housing Experts of NUPRP and Close collaboration with Slum Development Officer/Town Planner of Municipality/City Corporation the National UNV Community Organizer will undertake the following but not limited to tasks: Assist Implementation of Settlement Improvement Fund Assist CDC to preparation of SIF community contract. Effective communication with CDC, Cluster and Infrastructure &amp; Housing Expert/ Engineer to prepare the community contract. To assist the community organization to effective communication with the vendor or supplier during the SIF community contract implementation. To ensure that the SIF contract will implement as per the approved design and proposal with quality control. Formation the Community purchase committee and provide training to increase the capacity of Community purchase committee. Assist the community to need based survey, progress monitoring for the infrastructure and house to house survey etc. To assist the I&amp;H Expert for planning, implementation and progress monitoring for the SIF infrastructure. Assist to coordination with Community purchase committee and Social audit committee Assist the community to operation and maintenance the infrastructure properly Organized the Poor and Extreme Poor urban community &amp; Conduct capacity building activities for Community Organizations Facilitate Federation/Clusters/CDCs to conduct their regular monthly meeting Facilitate capacity building training, Meeting, workshop or Seminar for the CDCs/Clusters/ Federation leaders, Social Audit Committees, Purchase Committees and elected representatives. Organize exchange/Learning visits for community members, Local Government representatives Form Social Audit Committee (SAC) and conduct capacity building training and orientation Form Community Purchase Committee (PC) and conduct their capacity bu

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